2015-12-20 | SEASON’S GREETINGS STHLMNYC Stockholm, December 20th / 2015-11-25 | STHLMNYC | Conversation Stockholm, October 25th We would like to thank all the participants joining us in the STHLMNYC | Conversation on October 13th in New York as part of Archtober. During the STHLMNYC | Conversation leading urban planners,…

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The World Health Organization predicts that in 2050 70% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas. Contemporary urban areas are the home of the majority of the world’s population, contain most of our infrastructure and are the centers of our economy. This makes urban areas specifically vulnerable…

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STHLMNYC is an organization founded and directed by the architects Linda Schuur and Sander Schuur and collaborates closely with the Swedish Association of Architects. The semiannual seminars STHLMNYC will be a platform for collaboration towards an architecture that is adaptive for uncertainties of the future. Our future is uncertain and…

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  We to welcome you to the STHLMNYC | Conversation as part of Archtober on October 13th in New York. STHLMNYC brings together leading urban planners, architects and policy makers from Stockholm and New York to discuss the future of our cities and urban architecture. In an informal setting, distinguished…

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