Let’s look around. What happened to architectural design? Do our buildings all look the same? Do you even remember? Has architecture lost its connection to its public?

Architecture is the art and technique of designing and building. We will take this as a starting point asking ourselves what the status of architecture as an art and design practice is. We believe that architecture connects to us humans through design and ask how architectural design can effect and shape human experience to improve our lives. 

For 2024, in collaboration with the Pittsburgh Platform and the AIA Pittsburgh, we are gathering architects, landscape architects, city architects, academia, critics and other disciplines to reformulate the value of architectural design in a series of conversations called Architecture Matters.

Program 2024

2024.03.25 | On Monday March 25, we hosted our first conversation in the series with the Swedish architects:

BAS ID | Förstberg Ling | Kjellander Sjöberg | Koponen Stenqvist | Reppen Vilson | Semrén + Månsson | Urban Minds

TBC | In April we will host the second conversation in the series with architects from Sweden and the U.S.A.

Stay tuned!